The "Digitally Enhanced RF and Analog IC" Group – DERFAIC research group comprises staff members of the Bases of Electronics Department, PhD students  and postgraduate students attending the Integrated Circuits & Systems Master course organized by the same department. Its goal is to stimulate and support teaching and research in IC design. DERFAIC is an open group – all staff members and students interested in IC design are warmly invited to participate.

One of the most popular terms related to the idea of improving the operation of analog circuits by using digital algorithms and controls is "Digitally assisted analog circuits". However, one can argue that such a term implies the correction/compensation of non-idealities effecting analog circuits and not, for example, the idea of re-configurability and multiple modes of operation. In this context, by using the term "enhanced" we suggest the use of digital techniques and circuitry to expand the basic functionality of analog circuits, in particular towards programmability and re–configurability.

To conclude, we focus on RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal IC design but we are also interested in digital … especially when it helps the analog!

ProInvent 2018 DERFAIC presentation

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