Botond Kirei

Botond Kirei is with the Basis of Electronics Department of the Technical University of Cluj Napoca (TUCN) since his graduation in 2005 from the Microelectronics specialization at the same university. He earned his PhD in 2009 at the TUCN under the supervision of Prof. Marina Topa. Currently, he fulfills his duties as a lecturer, responsible for undergraduate and graduate courses (Applied Informatics and Energy Management, respectively HDL Based Digital System Design). During his academic tenure he coordinated more than 15 diploma work (for both bachelor and master of science degrees), co-authored 48 research papers (from which 21 papers are first-authored by him) 1 book, 1 book chapter and 2 educational support materials. His main research interests are: digital processing algorithms for compensating for inherent nonidealities in radio receivers (non-linearity, I/Q imbalance, ADC jitter, etc.); design and verification of digital systems and their implementation using FPGAs; adaptive filtering in audio applications (acoustic echo cancellation, dereverberation, blind audio signal separation).