Premii si premianti

Prizes won by students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

  Analog Circuits Signals and Systems
2018 Zoltán  Germán-Salló, 6th place

Rareș Călin Buta, 3rd place

Robert Botez, 5th place

2017 Zoltán  Germán-Salló, 3rd place Rareș Călin Buta, 3rd place
2016 2016 Angelica Stiglet, 3rd place  
2014 Cristian Raducan,  2nd place
Cosmin Plesa,  4th place
2013 Sergiu Stanculescu, 2nd place
Cristian Raducan, 3rd place
2012 Tomina Fabiola Salajan, 1st place
Paul Nutu Martari, 2nd place
2011 Paul Nutu Martari, 2nd place
Tomina Fabiola Salajan, 3rd place
Iulian Campanu, 3rd place
Mihai Ioan Serban, 3rd place
Sergiu Stanculescu, 5th place
2010 Tomina Fabiola Salajan, 3rd place  
2009 Adrian Costina, 3rd place Zoltan Padrah, 3rd place
2008 Raul Onet, 4th place Zoltan Padrah, 1st place
2007 Raul Onet, 5th place Dana Puscau, 5th place
2006 Serban Nicolae Meza, 4th place
Anghel Botos, 5th place