Analog & Digital IC Design Courses

Courses related to Analog & Digital IC Design provided by the Bases of Electronics Department, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology, the Technical University of Cluj–Napoca

Undergraduate Courses

1st year Electronic Devices
2nd year Fundamental Electronic Circuits
Analog Integrated Circuits
Digital Systems
Digital Electronics Signals
Theory Analysis and Synthesis of Circuits
Computer-Aided Design
3rd year Systems with Analog Integrated Circuits
Digital Signal Processing
4th year

High Frequency Analog Circuits Lecture Topic Teaching Materials
FPGA Systems

Master Course on Integrated Circuits and Systems

1st year Advanced Analog ICs Analog Filters VLSI
Digital Systems Systems with Reconfigurable Circuits
2nd year

Analog Integrated Circuits for Wired and Wireless Communications Lecture Topic Teaching Materials
Complex & Wide-Band Signals