Main research areas

  • Design of RF, Analog and Mixed–Signal Integrated Circuits;
  1. Reconfigurable and programmable analog circuits
  2. High performance Power Management circuitry, including Energy harvesting & conversion and wireless power transfer
  3. Low-power transceivers for wired and wireless communications
  4. Analog Front-Ends for sensors
  5. Digitally-intensive frequency synthesizers
  6. ASICs for biomedical applications such as wearable health monitors
  • Electronic circuits and systems for acoustics
  1. Optimized synthesis of acoustic equalizers
  2. Modelling the acoustic behavior of enclosures
  3. Personalized hearing aids
  • Circuit and Signal Theory and Applications;
  1. Optimisation techniques for the synthesis of analog and digital circuits
  2. Robustness Analysis and Optimisation, Design of Experiments and Metamodelling, Multifactor Analysis
  3. Feedback theory & stability analysis
  • Algorithms and techniques for compensating the effects of non-idealities inherent to analog blocks and systems;
  1. Compensation of IQ mismatch in integrated radio receivers
  2. Active compensation of DC offsets